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Attention eBay sellers . . .

Do you Really know
what your costs are?

... Or are you guessing
like most sellers?

See how my tool has helped thousands of sellers maximize their eBay profits while cutting their costs ...many times in HALF!

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"You'll Love It or I'll Give Your Money Back - Guaranteed!"

Are you one of the millions of people spending your hard earned time and money selling on eBay?

Did you know that you are probably LOSING HUGE amounts of your profits and you may not even know it? 

Read on ...

Letter from the eBay Power Seller, Joel A. Peterson

Dear Friend,

After selling on eBay for several years and realizing that I was paying THOUSANDS of dollars to eBay in monthly fees I finally said, "Enough is enough!"

Don't get me wrong, I love eBay.  I've made a lot of money over the years (and they have made a ton of money off of me!)

So I sat down and wrote a software program that would help me analyze the fees I was being charged and how I could maximize my profits.


The formula for maximizing my eBay profits and paying LESS fees to eBay!

In fact, using my new software tool over the next 30 days, I increased my eBay profits over 443%

I made another discovery!  My software could also be used to PREDICT EXACTLY how much money I could make on a particular item over time.  Like many sellers, many times I would only focus on selling one item at a time, but realized the potential of taking that same item and selling 10, 100, 1000 or 10,000 of them.

My software also showed me the items I was LOSING money on.

It's a fact...

Many eBay sellers LOSE more money than they make!  After you factor in the HIDDEN FEES that nobody thinks about.... they actually LOSE money on eBay! (And they don't even know it!)

I've kept my software a SECRET for many years now and have decided to finally share it with others. (Ok It actually took several of my friends on eBay to BEG ME to share it with them!)

Profit Calc for eBay is so powerful yet so easy to use.  In just 10 minutes I realized that I was paying about 40% more in fees than I needed to! 

After re-tooling my listing strategy I not only saved hundreds of dollars in listing fees... I increased my sell-through rate by 55% in just one week!

You must get this software!

Mark Osler, Boise, Idaho


"Do you like to do math & lots of it? No, I didn’t think so. Well, guess what? If you are selling on eBay you had better get this tool fast! You are probably spending more money than you realized on all the various fees involved in selling through online auctions.

This is a great software program that helps eBay sellers easily see ALL the fees you are being charged, and pinpoints how to maximize profits. After I started using this tool, I discovered several “hidden” charges I wasn’t aware I was paying! Armed with this new data, I was able to make small adjustments in my selling strategy, and I’m already seeing positive results in the first 24 hours! Highly recommended.

Fred Tippins
eBay Online Auction Tips, Tools & Resources"


Let me tell you EXACTLY what ProfitCalc for eBay will do for you.

affiliateCalculates EXACT cost (not just what eBay tells you) for first and second listing insertion fees based on winning bid success ratios.  Includes costs such as item, postage, packing, time, auction management fees, PayPal, merchant, plus several other "hidden" fees you probably don't know you are paying! (But you are.)

HINT: This one feature alone is worth the price of this software.  When you learn how much money you are losing here you will fall off your rocker!

affiliateA "What if" tool.  Allows you to instantly change variables to calculate "What if scenarios"


"What if I lowered my starting bid $2.00 but increase my handling fee $2.00"  Will this make a difference?

"My sell through rate is 25% for this item... Is that good?"

"Having my item in the Gallery only costs me 25 cents.... that's not to bad.... or is it?"

"What would be my profit if I sold 10 of these Gizmos... what about 1000?

Instantly get these answers so you can plan your eBay strategy and listings.

affiliateHelps you make decisions like:

"Should I list this item as a regular, dutch, or fixed price auction"?

"How many auctions should I list at one time"?

"What are my sell-through percentages?"

"What should I charge for shipping and handling?"

"Should I use a reserve price"

"Is it worth it to re-list auctions that closed without a bidder?"

"Should I use an auction management service to automatically list and close my auctions?"

"Should I accept PayPal or Credit Cards as my only payments?"

"What about all the special listing options like bold, highlight, gallery?  Do they really increase my bottom line?"

Hint:  There is no right or wrong answer to the above questions.  It totally depends on the product and how ProfitCalc for eBay can CRUNCH the numbers for you.

affiliateDetermine what your starting bid SHOULD be.. (not what you want it to be.... there is a big difference.)  If you are just out there searching what everyone else is doing.... your missing the boat.

affiliateWorks like a "Crystal Ball" Helps you forecast the sales possibilities on any particular item.  What if I list 10 of them, 100?, what about 1000?.  ProfitCalc for eBay will instantly CRUNCH the numbers for you.  This helps you make decisions on listing options and starting price. 

Ever wonder how some people sell items that are cheaper than you can buy them from your distributor?  How can they do it?  Maybe they are making money.... and maybe they are losing it big time!  Don't make the same mistakes!

affiliateWorks for any eBay seller.  This software works great if you sell unique individual items (like from pawn shops and garage sales).  But it also works great for those that buy wholesale and sell retail!  I designed it with every seller in mind.

affiliateAnyone can use it.  If you know how to click a mouse... you can use this software.  It comes with an extensive help system that will hold your hand ever step of the way. (if you need it)

affiliateWorks on PC, MAC, Linux, Unix.  Works for anyone, anywhere. See the system requirements below for details.

affiliateFree technical support.  If you need help, I'm just a few clicks away.

affiliateInstant Download.  You can download ProfitCalc today from our secure servers.  No need to wait for something to be shipped to you!

...and there's more... MUCH MORE!

Here what other users have to say



Lyle Lee
Mesa, Arizona


Thanks Joel for a great piece of software!

I doubled my profits in a short 7 days using ProfitCalc!

Can't wait to see what happens in the next 30 days!

Lyle Lee
Mesa, Arizona



Bill W. DePriest

Southern Oaks Malinois

Southern Oaks Collectables




  ProfitCalc for eBay is an amazing piece of software!

Being a new seller, I was totally lost in knowing what starting price to use in order to make sure I covered all my expenses for an auction and to insure the greatest profits.

Before buying the software I was just guessing at ebay fees, shipping, insurance, and PayPal fees. Since I purchased the software my profits have increased tremendously and I have peace of mind that if my item sells I will make a profit.

In my opinion what Joel charges for the software is ridiculously low. I would not have gone to all the effort to write the program and sell it for what he does.

In addition I had questions about different functions of the software and if it would do additional task. I called Joel and he went above and beyond the call of duty to answer all my questions.

Thanks Joel for a great piece of software and your personal supervision to get me going. AAAA++++ Seller

Bill W. DePriest
Southern Oaks Malinois
Southern Oaks Collectables

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How Much is all this worth to you?

I've spent hundreds of hours developing and tweaking ProfitCalc for eBay.... all for my personal use.

Now I'm willing to share this secret with you...

I might just be CRAZY for giving away my secrets.  I've had to think long and hard about allowing others to use my software but enough people have twisted my arm enough I finally CAVED IN!

I've seen this kind of "insider" software sell for hundreds of dollars in the past...

But I'm going to offer you a special introductory price that won't last long....



Special Price
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Not $97.00

Only $37


Pay by Credit Card

Yup, that's right... I'm giving it away for $37!  My friends think I'm CRAZY!

That's less than one third the amount I charge for a one-hour telephone consultation!  Other eBay specialized software product sell for up to $167 and they don't come close to offering all that ProfitCalc for eBay gives you.

(The 6 Free Bonuses alone are worth it at this price!)

My Unconditional
30-Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee


Its simple.

If you don't absolutely love ProfitCalc for eBay, please tell me so I can give back every cent that you paid.

Listen, if you are not 100% satisfied I DON'T WANT TO KEEP YOUR MONEY.

You don't have to tell me why or make excuses.

I am so confident that you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE ProfitCalc for eBay, I'm willing to stand behind my guarantee 100%

Don't decide now if ProfitCalc for eBay is right for you.  Take 30 Days and put it to the test!  If you aren't completely satisfied at any time within 30 days, I'll give you your money back ... no questions asked!

System Requirements

Works on PC, MAC, Linux, and Unix

In order to run ProfitCalc for eBay, you must have one of the following installed:

Microsoft Excel 2000
Microsoft Excel XP
Microsoft Excel 2003
StarOffice Spreadsheet
OpenOffice Spreadsheet (Free)

Don't worry if you don't have Microsoft Excel.  You can download a completely free spread sheet program that is 100% compatible with ProfitCalc.  We will give you the download instructions if you need it.

Download ProfitCalc Immediately!
Start Cutting Your Fees and Increase Your eBay Sales Today

Pay by Credit Card



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Just contact me within 30 days if not satisfied and I'll refund your money - No questions asked.

Cancellation Policy

Product is digitally delivered immediately after purchase.  You may cancel your order BEFORE hitting the submit button.  After hitting the submit button on the order button, order can not be canceled but you still have access to the 30 day money back guarantee.


I wish you great success in you future eBay marketing.


Joel A. Peterson
eBay Powerseller

P.S. If you came here to this Web site looking for a way to increase your ebay profits, this software is for you.  No other ebay software can do what ProfitCalc can.  This is my secret program that I have used for years.  It has helped me make thousands of dollars in extra income.  Order it right now.

P.P.S.  You've got plenty to gain and nothing to lose with my 30-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.  Order it now.... but don't wait too long.  This introductory price won't last long.

P.P.P.S.  The 6 free bonuses can be yours if you order by midnight.  Don't delay.


Order Now!

Joel Peterson

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